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Catherine's Corner
Slash and silliness by Catherine Lafontaine.

Rue de Mondétour
Cilla's home page, featuring her amazing artwork, fiction, and other projects.

Nothing Is Sacred
Quiara's fiction.

Mihi Cura Futuri
Home of Daisy's characters and the stories they inhabit.

You Know Nothing Of Javert!
Rabs' many, varied, strange, and wonderful Mizziness.

14 Rue de Pontoise
Jenn's site featuring Javertfic, nerd love, Mizzy astrology, and Latin, to name but a few things.

Scribblings of the Small and Poetic
Soujin's fanfiction.


The Global Clearinghouse for Displaced Revolutionaries
Where veterans of the insurrection of '32 who mysteriously find themselves living in the 21st century can network.

The Saga of Christian Caron
A sweeping epic of love, passion, politics, and fun with gender roles.

Frenchboys Mix-N-Match Challenge
The wild and crazy slash fanfic festival!


Icons By Mhari
The webmistress's LJ icons, Mizzy, fannish, and otherwise.

Random name and idea generators.