Info: was registered June 5th, 2001, at, by Manon and Ursula. It was hosted first by Portland Communications, then by ALXHost, and currently by Populli.

Purpose: exists to host websites pertaining to Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. Les Mis is technically not about FrenchBoys. It's technically about a rather old French man with a troubled past. But it contains pages upon pages of FrenchBoys, and damned if they don't steal the show.

Layout: version 6 (blood of the martyrs) was done by Manon, with considerable help from the Layout-O-Matic. Call her lazy.

Fine Print: Graphics and HTML = Manon. Domain and content thereof = Ursula and Manon both. Hostees = themselves. No snitching please. Original photos = various people; used sans permission for rather less than no profit. French boys = Victor Hugo, but he's dead. As for lawsuits-- we're broke. Be gentle.