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Enjolras's flags
Red flag! Le Tricouleur!

Grantaire's liquor
The red stuff The white stuff The nasty green stuff...

Joly's medical paraphernalia
Doctor's black bag Doctor's brown bag Green sludge Khaki goop Yellow stuff Green gunk Colorless potion Did they have Pepto-Bismol in 1830...?

Feuilly's fans
Mamselle's pink fan Mamselle's orange fan Mamselle's yellow fan Mamselle's green fan Mamselle's turquoise fan Mamselle's blue fan Mamselle's purple fan Grandmere's grey fan *g* Wedding accessory, maybe? When mademoiselle can't make up her mind... Mamselle is perhaps patriotic?

Prouvaire's flowers
The blue flower is Jeanne... ...the red flower is Lise... ...and the yellow one is Mimi. ;)

Books, pens, and inkwells
Homework. Yay. Basic pen Pen for writing seditious screedsPen for writing silly limericksPen for writing cheery letters homePen for asking Papa to send moneyPen for writing angst-ridden poetryPen for writing overblown prose Ink Red ink Blue ink